Facebook Updates Newsfeed Again, And That’s A Good Thing

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In case you didn’t know, there’s another update on Facebook‘s Newsfeed algorithm. Since everything is tracked and monitored, the social media network decided to put all these data into action and serve us with news we really like.

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As the announcement says, the purpose of the Newsfeed is to bring users stories that really matter to them. For this reason, the social network added an extra factor in the calculation of what’s a truly interesting story: Time spent on post.

Right now, Newsfeed took into consideration social signals such as likes, shares and comments. However, there are many among us that are genuinely interested in stories we see on our homepage, but for our own personal reasons, lean towards not taking any of the aforementioned actions.

This is why Facebook has introduced the time spent on a story as an additional factor when defining what’s interesting to its users and what’s not that much. In its announcement, Facebook says that they have been taking into account special circumstances such as slow internet connections.

However, when users tend to spend more times on stories than the average, Facebook will classify them as important stories and its adaptive algorithm will store this information for future use. Stories that abide by this pattern will appear higher on users’ newsfeeds.

This new change will start rolling out in the coming weeks.

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