Facebook Translator On The Way?

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Until now, we knew that page admins could target Facebook posts to specific countries and exclude other demographics from viewing it. A few days ago, though, some page admins noticed that they could actually translate their posts into different languages.

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As AdWeek reports, some Facebook page admins noticed a small pop up message that prompted them to translate their posts into other languages, so as to reach a broader audience. The message reads: “Now you can translate posts into other languages so that more people can enjoy them. Just click translate under a post to get started.”


However, upon clicking on the OK button, nothing happened. From what it looks, it appears that Facebook is testing yet another feature for pages. How could this affect you? If you’re a SMB with international appeal -say you make handmade jewelries- then this feature could help you alleviate any language barriers that prevent you from reaching a wider audience and generate more leads. 

Have you seen this pop-up notification?

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