Facebook Translates Billions Of Posts Every Day

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Facebook, with over 1.6 billion monthly active users, is a global network that knows no boundaries. And it’s making a big difference to how people from all over the world connect and communicate by eliminating language barriers.

In a recent talk at MIT Technology Review’s Emtech Digital conference in San Francisco, Alan Packer, Engineering Director at Facebook, revealed that the platform currently offers more than 2 billion text translations on a daily basis.

What’s more interesting, is that all these translations are provided through Facebook’s automated system, which detects over 40 languages and provides help to almost 800 million users.

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It’s no secret that Facebook is investing massively on its smart AI systems, so it would make sense to see an improved version of its translation services in the near future. A little while ago, the social network debuted a feature that would help visually impaired users “hear” pictures, through rich descriptions. Also, Facebook’s chatbots are already making waves with brands using them to create sensational campaigns and improve customer service with the help of AI.

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