Facebook Topic Data Is The New Super Power For Marketers

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Facebook has built itself by providing Marketers with a platform where they can really reach out to their target audience. And I am not talking only demographics here, Facebook helps marketers build complex audiences based on their interests (pages they liked) or their online behaviour (on or outside of Facebook).

But things are about to become even better for marketers, with the introduction of Topic Data on Facebook.

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Topic data is the new generation of data insight Facebook is putting in the hands of marketers. It shows what audiences are actually saying on Facebook about events, brands, subjects and activities.

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Your Personal Information Will Never Be Shared

The information provided to marketers is of course anonymous and aggregated (to protect users’ privacy) but it will no doubt be an amazing new tool for marketers to make better decisions about how they market their products and services on Facebook.

Although this type of qualified data has been available to advertisers before, the sample sizes did not allow marketers to make significant decisions nor establish demographic patterns from them. Now, with topic data, it’s a whole different story: marketers get access to holistic insights around a topic, based on all the data from Facebook activities – likes, comments, shares, clicks, events, etc.

Actionable Insights, But Not For Direct Targeting

Facebook partnered with DataSift, a trusted leader in the data industry, to ensure Topic Data brings information that is truly useful and actionable for marketers.

Topic Data cannot be used to target ads directly, but rather as guide for marketers looking to build real consumer patterns and use them to make their online marketing strategies more relevant to the right audience.

In simpler terms, Topic Data will help you find out more about your audience so you can build better campaigns, design better ads and build better targeting for your audience.


Not for Everyone Yet, Though

Don’t get too excited however. Topic data will only be available to select Facebook partners in the US and the UK for the moment. But you can bet, that as it becomes a successful new feature, Facebook will no doubt roll it out to all advertisers as soon as possible.

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