Facebook To Introduce A Dislike Button

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There are many Facebook users who clamoured their wish to ‘Dislike’ things on Facebook, as they deemed that the ‘Like’ button was not appropriate for certains topics: sad statuses, outrageous news, shocking videos and so on.

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After many years with the wind blowing against him, Facebook’s overlord Mark Zuckerberg decided to backpedal and revealed that the Dislike button will be introduced after all. He said it was not available in the first place because he feared users would take it as a upvote/downvote system, just like the one on Reddit. However, he said it would serve as a way to express empathy and not spread negative emotions. In his own words:

What [users] really want is the ability to express empathy. Not every moment is a good moment

According to Mr. Zuckerberg, the Facebook team is working on it for a while already. It should be released “soon” but as with everything on Facebook, it is likely that a small group of users will have it for a test period and if (and only IF) people embrace it, it will then become available to everyone.

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