Facebook Says There Are More News Feed Changes Ahead

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Consider yourselves warned. Especially if you belong in the publishing world. Brace yourselves for some serious reach impact on your Facebook Pages.

The news is fresh: The mother of all social networks is planning even more updates to its News Feed algorithm. Why? Because “the goal of News Feed is to show people the stories that are most relevant to them“. Facebook will now show you more posts from your friends and family, because it CAN and it WILL.

What are the changes? First of all, family and friends come first. Posts from that group of people will always appear on your timeline. Moreover, Facebook will make sure that it puts content from groups and content from the people you’re most likely to interact with, higher up.

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For the rest of us, and especially publishers, if we want to earn a spot on users’ newsfeed, then we should create content having two things in mind: Information and Entertainment. According to Facebook, its users seek to find these two qualities when they see posts from Pages. And as with everything, Facebook promises that it will always be making minor tweaks in order to make sure that these two goals are achieved for each user.

The social network also made clear that it does not favour one source of info over another, and that always strives to deliver the types of stories that an individual person most wants to see. Moreover, it stresses out that users can always customise what they see, by providing feedback via the “unfollow,” “hide” and “see first” buttons, which help provide a more personalised experience.

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