Facebook Reveals Olympic Buzz Map

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Sochi Olympics are in full bloom and they are extremely popular in parts of the world. Many 0f us are hanging on our screens to see our country’s athletes compete in extremely demanding sports.

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With the help of social media, many more people discuss and exchange opinions on this year’s Winter Olympics. There are the clear favorites for the podium and the ones that are the “chéris” of the crowd.

According to Facebook,  more than 24 million people discussed the Olympics on Facebook during the games’ first week, creating a total of 48 million posts, comments and Likes.

In addition, Facebook members seem to talk most about is Figure Skating – seems pretty logical given the numerous teams from traditional superpowers such as USA, Russia and China. However, the image in Central Europe is somehow different; Biathlon is a sweetheart with most of the countries belonging in the region talking about this extremely difficult sport.

Have a look below.

Facebook Olympic Buzz Map


What’s your favorite sport in the Winter Olympics?

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