Facebook Revamped Notes, And It Looks Awesome

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Do you even remember Notes? That feature on Facebook that lets you write longer content and share it with your friends through the social network? Don’t feel bad if you don’t, because Notes is probably one of the most underused features on Facebook.

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Facebook has recently taken a turn by investing a lot of resources on video, Instant Articles and live-streaming. This clearly shows that the social network is betting on user generated content to push its boundaries even further.

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So it makes complete sense that Facebook would now look back on a feature which enables users to publish longer pieces of content. And this is probably why they revamped Notes, giving it a more beautiful and smarter design layout.

The revamped Notes allows users to add a cover photo, tag other users, add links and hashtags, in other words, it gave Notes all the cool things you can already do in status updates.

The update is only being tested among a small number of users, so you might not be able to experience the new design yet.

Dave Winer noted, the new Facebook Notes looks a lot like Medium:

The man has a point, no? Look at the screenshot below, it definitely looks like a Medium post.


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Well, no matter what people may say, there is nothing wrong in getting inspired by good design. So even if Facebook did “copy” the design from Medium, so be it. I like how it looks like and I think that revamping Notes is a good move by Facebook.

On a last note, this is a direct outcome of Teehanlax joining the Facebook design team.

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