Facebook Restructures and Simplifies its Ad Offering

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After simplifying billing for advertisers, Facebook is now working on the core of its business and has started restructuring and simplifying its ad offering, with the goal of making it easier for advertisers of every size to organize, optimize, and measure their ads. The new offering should be available on March 4.

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Previously, the levels of advertising on Facebook were ad and campaign. But soon, Facebook will break this up into campaign, ad set, and ads.

Facebook explained this in a Facebook for Business blog post:

  •  – Campaigns correspond to each of your advertising objectives, like building brand awareness or driving web traffic. They’re designed to help you optimize and measure your results for each objective across multiple ad sets and ads.
  •  – Ad sets with their own budget and schedule are found in each campaign. You can also organize each ad set to represent audience segments, like people who live near your store, to control the amount you spend on each audience, decide when they will see your ads, and measure their response. The ad delivery system will optimize delivery for the best-performing ad in an ad set.
  • Ads feature different images, links, video, or text and are found in ad sets. You can still control the creative, targeting and bidding at the ad level.

Check out this quick infographic about the change that is coming up:


Facebook explains that with the new structure, an advertiser can start with a campaign for each objective — such as in-store sales or post engagement. Then, ad sets can be created to represent the audiences that will be reached. Lastly, ads can be created within each ad set.

When will this be available?

The new campaign structure will be reflected worldwide across all ad interfaces, including the Ads Create Tool, Ads Manager and Power Editor, as well as third-party ad interfaces built by Preferred Marketing Developers. Though these updates won’t begin rolling out until March 4, we want to make sure all our advertisers and partners know in advance that this helpful change is coming.

When the new structure is rolled out to your ad account, all your campaigns will be migrated automatically to the new structure. The migration will not impact the delivery, spend or performance of your existing ads, and you’ll still have access to historical data for any of your existing campaigns and ads

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