Facebook Partners With TubeMogul To Extend TV Audience Reach to Digital

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Last year, Facebook launched TRP buying to boost TV campaigns for broadcasters. Now marketers can buy video ads on Facebook and Instagram based on things like television viewership and publisher data. In its latest deal with programmatic ad platform TubeMogul, Facebook extends the TV audience onto digital.

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Social is not about to kill TV… yet. For now, there can be a symbiotic relationship that suits everyone involved. If marketers miss audiences with their TV ads, they can still reach them on social. Well, on Facebook. This is exactly what TubeMogul allows them to do – target people on Facebook or Instagram who they’ve missed on TV. By using data from Nielsen, and integrating with Facebook’s API, TubeMogul can effectively gain KPI metrics like comments, likes, shares, video completion rates, as well as purchase intent and sentiment. As TubeMogul CEO Brett Wilson explains

We think that’s what advertisers want… They want holistic buying, they want unified reporting, and they need the help of technology to make sense of this fragmented world that we’re living in.

Facebook is usually seen as a lower funnel, direct response driver. With this approach, this idea is being turned on its head. In tests, Expedia has been using Facebook to expand reach and frequency. After running a TV ad, the company used the data to target Facebook users and therefore fill in the gaps. The campaign has made Expedia think again about how much to invest in digital. Vic Walia, Expedia’s senior director of brand marketing, explained

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We want to make sure we get the right eyeballs. So that’s where TubeMogul comes in and helps us get those incremental eyeballs across a series of different publishers.

Another brand that has been using TubeMogul is Playboy who partnered with whiskey company Tullamore D.E.W. to deliver a St. Patrick’s Day ad campaign, and retarget it across platforms. Those who saw an ad on the Playboy.com website, also saw the ad on Facebook and Instagram. A spokesperson for the brand explained

Our strategy has been to get the Playboy brand in front of as many consumers and on as many platforms as possible. For partners to work with us, they get access to those audiences, and so the elimination of barriers to that audience acquisition and distribution is an important part of our strategy.

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