Facebook Moments Finally Launches In EU And Canada

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Two months-shy of a year after launching pretty much all over the world except for Canada and the European Union, Facebook’s Moments app is finally here – without full facial recognition, a feature we are sure many of you were expecting.

Privacy laws in the EU and Canada meant that Facebook had to change the app accordingly, to cater for local legislation. It’s been so long since we announced Moments, that many of us have even forgotten it exists. Facebook Moments, not to be confused with Twitter Moments, is an app that syncs with users’ camera roll and uses facial recognition to identify and tag your Facebook friends. Then, you can share those specific photos with the people that are in them. Simple! Earlier this year, Facebook also added video support to the app, which is a nice touch I guess.

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So how is this useful? Well, if you wanted to find all the images with a specific person present, all you’d have to do is pick them. Fully-fledged facial recognition may not be present in the app now, but it does use a different “object recognition” technology to do almost the same thing, but stops a few steps short. All the other features are there as usual, of course.

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Now, the app just groups photos together based on what it thinks are similarities – i.e they feature or contain the same people. So, without “automagically” tagging people, it will ask you who the people in specific pictures are. By providing an answer to this question the user essentially “teaches” the app to figure out the rest. What do you think? Have you tried it yet?

If you feel that Moments has a special place on your device by all means go get it! If you want to give Facebook that level of control over your camera roll, you can download it for iOS or Android today.

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