Facebook Mobile Studio: Learn To Make Great Ads With Your Mobile Phone

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You don’t need complicated software and very expensive hardware to create great ads to run on Instagram or Facebook. All you need is your mobile phone!

“What does is take to make a great ad?” That’s a good question. In fact, it’s one of the major questions that Facebook Mobile Studio hopes to answer for marketers. Facebook’s Creative Shop has created a portal dedicated to teaching marketers about the power of the one device they always have on them. Their mobile phone. Yes, the mobile phone is powerful as it is resourceful. With the help of several simple apps of course, it can become an important tool for marketers to create great ads!

How? Well, it has both a great camera and great apps. That’s a good place to start! The rest is creativity and experimentation. Facebook Mobile Studio is here to give you some inspiration – both creative, and technical.

When you visit Facebook Mobile Studio, you are greeted by three options – Remix, Shooting from Scratch, and Tips & Tricks. Each leads you through a different idea process of easily creating great ad content only with your mobile phone and some simple apps. Remix allows you to use existing materials that you have on your device, while Shooting from Scratch helps you build great assets from the ground up.

Finally, Tips and Tricks gives you a list of top creative apps you can use, as well as a set of tips and an instructional to help you build your own studio to shoot in. Here, take a closer look!

It starts here: Facebook Mobile Studio

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