Facebook Messenger Gets Scannable Profile Codes

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Evan Spiegel will certainly appreciate this! Facebook has just announced that it will soon roll out scannable profile codes on Messenger. Called “Messenger Codes,” they are (obviously) the equivalent of Snapchat’s snap codes, and aim to make it easier for people to start conversations on Messenger.

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Messenger Codes actually look much better than snapcodes. Sure, both include a profile picture and a series of dots and dashes, but Facebook just achieved a better overall look.

They work exactly like you would expect: when you scan someone’s snapcode with your camera, you will be able to start a conversation with that person on Messenger.

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This might seem silly and unnecessary at first, but Messenger Codes are part of Facebook’s plan to make it easier for people to use the app. Yes, today you might only have conversations with the people you are already connected with on Facebook, but the company wants Messenger to take a bigger place in our lives.

By the end of 2016, Messenger will also be the place where you can talk with companies, or the app to have useful information sent to you. The first example of this came from KLM who now lets you check-in right from the Messenger app. Imagine how these Messenger Codes could be used in print and outdoor advertising: they could become a direct link to a brand’s customer service, linking the offline and online world.

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Here is what they look like from within the app:


If you don’t have the feature yet, don’t worry, it will come soon. Like everything else, Facebook likes to test its new features among selected users, before rolling them out globally.

Facebook is also introducing dedicated links for Messenger profiles which people can visit, to start a conversation. The links have an easy m.me/[username] format.

So, if you want to chat about these new features, drop me a line on Messenger!

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