Facebook Messenger Adds Read Receipts

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Messaging has changed our lives. It has become so easier and faster to share our emotions, opinions, ideas, … that messaging is actually taking over voice calls.

But messaging is all about speed. The less lag, the more it feels like a real conversation. And on top of speed, another very important feature is to know when your message was read, so you know when you should expect an answer, or understand why you are not getting one for that matter.

Facebook is rolling out a new version of its Messenger app that answers exactly both of these: it is faster and comes with animated read receipts.

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The new Facebook Messenger comes with a huge speed improvement across all its versions (web and mobile) and a great new feature that shows you whether your message is sending, sent, delivered or read. And Facebook even made those look nice, with a nice animated symbol and by showing the face of whoever has read your message, thanks to FacePile.

TechCrunch explained that Facebook originally came up with the FacePile design about five years ago for a plugin that showed which of your friends liked a website. Now it’s found to repurpose the design to let you know at a glance who has seen your messages.

The new Messenger app is now rolling out on iOS and Android in Europe and the US, and will go worldwide soon.

Lexy Franklin, Messenger Product Manager, explained:

What were really want is Messenger to feel like the fastest and most reliable mobile messaging product. We’ve done a lot of work on performance on the backend, reducing end-to-end latency…to improve efficiency on all device types.

Have you upgraded to the latest version of Messenger yet? Can you feel the speed difference?

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