Facebook Memories Get a “Community” Upgrade

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Facebook Memories – or “On this Day” as it’s also known – is getting a cool upgrade: more control, more stories and a better user experience.

It might be one of the most unappreciated features on Facebook. Memories – a.k.a. “On this Day” – is at the heart of the Facebook experience. It’a about remembering some of the most important moments you shared on the platform. And today, it is getting a very “friendly” upgrade.

New Memory Stories

Facebook Memories are now about more that just one day. The new experience packages your recent posts into monthly or seasonal recap stories. Whether it’s the story of everything your did last month, or your entire summer vacation, Facebook will now bundle your memories into easy-to-share visual stories.


Celebrate Friendships

Memories are not only about places and moments. They are also about the people who played a part in making them. The new Facebook Memories showcases the connection between you and your community of friends.

More ways to celebrate friendships are to come soon, but for the moment, Facebook offers two types of moments to share: when you make a significant number of new friends, or when your friends have liked your posts.

Like Memories, these stories are fully shareable, but will remain private until your decide to post them on your timeline.


Everything you do on Facebook, and everyone you interact with makes your Facebook experience. It is yours to share when and how you want to.

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