Facebook Makes Videos Collaborative With Riff

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Lately, we are seeing a lot more effort being put into video and what people can do with it on social platforms. Facebook is one of the platforms really dedicating a lot of its energy into video sharing recently. From Instagram‘s Hyperlapse, to VR-ready 360-degree video ads, to Facebook‘s native video and embedding features, Facebook is showing a lot of “love” to video. No surprise therefore that it just released a video-sharing app called Riff.

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Riff’s launch on iOS and Android on April 1 didn’t receive much attention, but it offers an new and novel approach to video creation and sharing. Users create a video which is up to 20 seconds long, and share it on Facebook. Normally, the video would appear on Facebook, and people could comment on it or share it etc.


However, with Riff, they can record their own video (a response) and stick it onto the original. There is no limit to how many people can do this, so in theory this could go on forever. The resulting videos, as they get longer and longer, will get funnier and funnier, more and more inspirational, useful… or whatever. The sky’s the limit!

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The idea is that if users create video collaboratively, the results will be pretty awesome. Riff is one Facebook‘s side projects that started from a small team of Facebook employees resulting from Creative Labs – an initiative that allows teams of Facebook employees to work on other projects. Sometimes, actual products come of this creative process. Riff is just one of them, as other apps like Paper and Mentions.


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I suppose one goal with this, is to test the limits of the creativity of Facebook users, at least those who have a special knack for video. It will of course give also give Facebook the opportunity to study virality (the holy grail of video engagement). I really wonder what the results will be in the next few months. I guess it will also depend on how many people start using Riff… After all, it’s users in great numbers that either “make” or “break” something.

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