Facebook Makes Branded Content Available To Verified Profiles

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Earlier this year, Facebook had announced changes to its Branded Content Policy, allowing Verified Pages to “extend their sponsorships onto Facebook.” Now it’s extending the policy to Verified Profiles as well. 

Since April, Verified Pages have had the ability to post tagged branded content. If you’ve never dealt with branded content before, it’s defined as any post that “features a third party product, brand, or sponsor.” This includes text, images, videos, Instant Articles, 360 and Live videos, and finally, links that mention or post about another product, brand, or sponsor. They should use the relevant branded content tools that Facebook provides.

The latest change helps influencers – public figures with Verified Profiles, like musicians, bloggers, athletes, etc. – to monetise their content on the platform. The policy itself has not changed, so if you are interested in using the feature, you will definitely need to look into how it works. The last thing you need is to fall foul of Facebook‘s policy. That, would not end well. And ignorance is not an excuse. As Facebook explains in its post announcing the feature,

As branded content rolls out to Verified Profiles, publishers and influencers will continue to remain responsible for understanding their legal obligations to indicate the commercial nature of the content that they post

You can find out more about how to implement branded content on your posts, here.

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