Facebook Looked (Very) Good in Q1 2014 [infographic]

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Facebook recently published its earnings for Q1 and it all looks very good for the social media giant. The results once again beat Wall Street expectations with revenue over $2.5 billion and with both user and usage numbers also rising.

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These results come once again to show that Facebook is a big (very big) business and that despite all the critics it gets from users and investors, the platform is surely as stable as ever economically and my guess is that we will see more new things and more acquisition this year.

The guys over at Ad Parlor prepared a very well designed infographic to resume it all.

Key Points To Remember

  • – Facebook’s revenue reached $2.5 billion
  • – That represents a 72% increase year over year
  • – Most of Facebook’s revenue still comes from advertising
  • – Facebook now has almost 1.3 billion monthly active users {+15%)
  • – That’s more than 800 million active users daily!
  • – Facebook’s mobile usage has increased by 43% since last year


Are you now convince Facebook is here to stay?

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