Facebook Lite Is The Facebook For Slow Connections

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A few years back, Mark Zuckerberg embarked on a crusade to bring Internet and Facebook to all latitudes and longitudes of the world. Apart from its Internet.org program which aims to offer web access to developing countries, Facebook is now bringing a lighter version of its app in an attempt to make its services accessible where mobile signal and bandwidth is not that strong.

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As Vijay Shankar, Product Manager for Facebook Lite wrote, there are billion users in the world who don’t have access to fast mobile internet. For this reason, it has developed this simple versions which is less than 1MB 0 so that it’s fast and easy to load. Facebook Lite includes Facebook‘s main features like News Feed, status updates, photos, notifications and more.


Facebook Lite is available to Android users first. As Android is also known for manufacturing low end affordable devices, it’s only logical that it has a good share of users in emerging markets, where mobile and data infrastructure is still developing.

Facebook Lite was first announced in January, but it’s now officially rolling out in Asia, and over the coming weeks it will be available in countries of Latin America, Africa and Europe.

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