Facebook Let’s You “Speed Text” a Happy Birthday Wish

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Are you one of those people who just can’t remember a birthday? Facebook has taken care of that with all those reminders. You have no excuse to forget. All you have to do now is come up with a nice birthday wish, right? Well, people have been get really lazy about it lately, and all one gets are Facebook messages and birthday posts. With its new feature, Facebook is giving people the ability to be even lazier, allowing them to simply text the number ‘1’ to send someone a generic birthday wish.

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Earlier in the week, TNW reported that Facebook has started texting you to remind you of someone’s birthday and then giving you the opportunity to send him or her some wishes – simply by replying with a number ‘1’ and Facebook will send them a happy birthday wish.

Birthday reminders are built into Facebook‘s mobile push notifications and according to TNW the feature has been rolled out during the last year.

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Many people who receive Facebook updates via SMS will now receive birthday reminders like this as well. I doubt anyone who gets their birthday wishes this way will be appreciating them – or your lack of effort I might add, so perhaps we should stick to more genuine forms of communication to wish people… or just don’t wish them anything at all.

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