Facebook Launches TRP Buying to Boost TV Campaigns

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Television has always been one of the top channels for brands to develop. In recent years, we have also found out that Facebook works very well with TV. The results of a a study by Nielsen have now lead Facebook to provide a new way for businesses to buy video ads – by target rating points or TRPs.

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Facebook wanted to find out how its video ads boost TV campaigns so it commissioned a study by Nielsen. What it found, is that

…boosting TV campaigns with Facebook video ads drives incremental reach, increases efficiency and improves effectiveness.

When using Facebook video ads, advertisers witnessed 19% more incremental targeted reach for their TV campaigns and when targeting Millennials, incremental reach saw a 37% increase in incremental targeted reach! Facebook ads also added efficiency. Impressions on Facebook were found to be twice as likely to “hit their target audience than TV impressions.” The sample that Nielsen used was 42 US campaigns.

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In a separate study of seven US campaigns, Nielsen found that Facebook made ads a lot more memorable to people thus boosting campaign effectiveness as well.

compared to people who saw TV alone, people exposed to both TV and Facebook demonstrated a 3.2 percentage point increase in ad memorability, 11.5 percentage point increase in brand linkage and a 22.7 percentage point increase in likeability linkage.

In light of the above, advertisers will now be able to “plan, buy and measure Facebook video ads” based on the total rating point (TRP) metric. Marketers who are familiar with TV ad buying will feel right at home with this because it gives them the opportunity to plan campaigns “across TV and Facebook” with a certain TRP budget that will be spread between the two channels. “In-target” TRP delivery can be verified by Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings system, either for Facebook alone, or for TV and Facebook combined.

If you would like to find out more, contact your Facebook sales representative.

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