Facebook Launches ThreatExchange to Combat Hacking

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We see it every day. Company pages and social media accounts getting hacked and taken over with sometimes funny but mostly unsavoury results.

It’s an embarrassing state of affairs really, because it seems that no matter how much security is added, there is always someone out there who will be able to hack an account – it’s just a matter of when, and not if.

Recent examples include Chipotle, Newsweek, Delta Airlines, and even the US Military. There doesn’t seem to be a place to hide, other than not having a presence on the web. What now? Well, Facebook recently announced ThreatExchange – a social network of sorts, dedicated to the exchange of information about cyber threats.

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Until now, information was usually shared on a smaller group-level in specific industries and within tightly-knit communities of IT professionals. The aim of ThreatExchange is to try to fix this issue, making information available to much wider audiences – allowing anyone who is interested in cyber threats to exchange and review related information. Anyone that has any credible information is able to share it with other professionals in order to research and ultimately prevent future attacks.

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Naturally, the information being exchanged should be used for the common good – and to decrease the possibility of leaks, submitters are able to restrict access to reports and information that they’ve shared. ThreatExchange can only be used by users who are subscribed to the network and can partake fully in all discussions, groups, and submission of information. However, Threat Exchange is not aimed just yet at “small players”, but rather big businesses who are verified manually through the registration process. Casual readers will not be allowed on ThreatExchange just yet.

I’m still looking for more information about the network but it still seems too early to tell what will come of it and how good it will be at helping business “not get hacked”. We do know though, that until now, other social networks like Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr have also joined up to contribute.

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