Facebook Launches Flash, A Snapchat Clone For Emerging Markets

by • November 10, 2016 • FacebookComments Off on Facebook Launches Flash, A Snapchat Clone For Emerging Markets5044

It’s no secret that Facebook has it in for Snapchat. We’re growing accustomed to Snapchat-like features popping up on Facebook properties almost every week now. But Facebook has just launched a proper Snapchat clone for users in emerging markets. 

The new app is called Flash and it’s “Snapchat” through and through, and even has masks. Flash was created for emerging markets, where a good internet or data connection is not that reliable. It’s lightweight too – at less than 25MB. That’s tiny, even by Snapchat’s own standards. Facebook‘s flagship app is around double that.

With Flash, Facebook is trying to snatch as many new users that it can in emerging markets, before Snapchat gets its chance to do so itself. There might not be much of a point going for Snapchat’s 60 million diehard users in the US and Canada. The idea is to target teenagers with an app so light, that it suits their lifestyle perfectly.

For now, Flash is launching in Brazil, and there isn’t a clear idea of which market will go next. Apart from attacking Snapchat head on, Flash also goes hand in hand with Facebook’s attitude towards the camera as the current and future main sharing tool.

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