Facebook Launches Replies – Turn it on Now for Your Page

by • March 26, 2013 • FacebookComments Off on Facebook Launches Replies – Turn it on Now for Your Page2787

Facebook has launched Replies today. Replying to comments on your page will be a great boost to creating conversations with your fans. Moreover, Facebook says that the most active conversations, the ones that will count the most replies, will be shown on top of the comments lists.

We have tested it, and we like it. Replies gives a more “conversation” style and keeps exchanges relevant as you can now answer to the specific comment of the specific person. And this fits right in our recent posts about the Social Media 4 C’s :)

Turning on the new feature is easy, just visit your Facebook page and you should be welcomed with the above screen, asking you to “turn on replies”

[READER] Let us know how you like this new feature

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