Facebook Launches Fundraising Pages For Verified Charities

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Facebook hasn’t launched full social commerce features yet, but it’s been working on ways to help charities accept donations from users for some time now. The company has now launched a new tool – fundraising pages – that will enable users to donate funds without even leaving Facebook itself.

Announced in a Nonprofits on Facebook post, on the platform, the tool allows verified charities to create fundraisers easily. This follows Facebook’s launch of a hub to help nonprofits to better use the platform

For Facebook“giving is really personal” and so it wants people to be able to raise money for the causes they really care about individually. Facebook has a list of  verified charities for which users can raise money. Charities themselves receive 95% of the raised amount, whereas Facebook keeps 5%. A fundraising page, an example of which can be found here, has a funds goal, a Donate button (of course) plus all the information one would need about the project itself.

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Fundraising pages are only available to 1% of users in the U.S. at the moment, but should be making them available to more users in the near future following a brief test period. Facebook has an uncanny ability to reach the most amount of users all over the globe, so I am looking forward to see how this pans out. If it does work, why not use the feature for crowdfunding purposes as well?

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