Facebook Is Turning Mentions Into A Handheld Live Video Studio

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Facebook promises us that live broadcasting is the trending feature in 2017. And for this, it’s betting on support from its celebrity users to boost usage.

As usual, Facebook is releasing new Live video features first on Mentions, its exclusive app for verified profiles to connect with their fans. And this time, there are many new features. Let’s review them.

Video Mirroring

By default, a video is almost always mirrored. And that causes issues when trying to showcase text or a sponsor’s logo during a Live broadcast. There is also always the issue of brightness, especially during concerts, or similar live events.

So, Facebook is introducing a series of “controls” that allow broadcasters to flip the camera horizontally or vertically, adjust brightness, and choose whether to mirror the picture or not.


Comment Moderation Tool

While Live video is all about engaging your audience, sometimes it can be hard to stay on top of things while moderating reactions. To support these efforts, Facebook is adding a new comment moderation tool that lets users setup a blacklist of words and phrases before they go Live.

Broadcaster Status Bar


Facebook is also adding a broadcaster status bar to Mentions. It provides continuous information about audio level, connectivity, and battery status, while you’re Live. This information was previously inaccessible during a live broadcast.

After The Broadcast

Finally, Facebook is also adding a fantastic post-production tool that allows users to trim excess footage from the beginning and end of their Live video; after the broadcast has ended. This way, you will now be able to upload a more “polished” version of your Live video on your Timeline, after your Live session.

All these updates are rolling out to Mentions users over the coming weeks.

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