Facebook Is Testing Messenger “Rooms” In Some Countries

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You may mot miss chat rooms, or Facebook’s “Rooms” app. But it seems they are both coming back. Inside Messenger. Facebook is currently testing Rooms in some countries, within the Messenger app.

On a daily basis, we see many discussions and arguments on our Facebook News Feeds. Perhaps not so much in the near future, because it seems that the “good old days” of chat rooms are back.  Facebook is testing and slowly rolling out a new feature – Rooms – on Messenger with which users can create discussions and engage in public conversations.

The new feature, based on a failed standalone app of the same name, is currently being tested in Australia and Canada. The U.S and other international markets will follow, as it gets more popular.

Organised a lot like chat rooms, “Rooms” can be about any topic under the sun. They can also include friends, strangers, family, etc. If you’re wondering how this is different from group chats, the answer is easy: Group chats involve connected individuals, and not strangers.

Rooms can also be private or public. Private Rooms will need admin approval to join. We can’t wait to try the new feature, but can already see it becoming popular, especially among groups of people who prefer to network on Messenger rather than Facebook.

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