Facebook Is Changing The Way It’s Charging For Ads

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On a blogpost published yesterday, Facebook broke some super important news: From now on it will be focusing on creating a mechanism that will detect how many views your ad unit actually receives and not how many impressions are served. Sounds impressive, right?

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Facebook‘s rationale behind this is simple; If an ad is really viewed, then the chances of it being translated into a purchase action are greater. The difference between the traditional scheme (served impressions) versus the proposed one is that with the latter, an impression was registered regardless of your ad being placed on a popular position (top right spot) or was lost at the end of the page.

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Served impressions are convenient, as they don’t have many analytical layers, but they are inaccurate. Facebook claims that its new standard will be developed by tracing when an ad unit enters the screen (desktop or mobile) of a user. The main main advantages of Facebook‘s “viewed” impressions systems are the following:

  • Facebook claims that research shows that value is created as soon as an ad is seen, even if only a portion of the ad was seen for a brief period of time.
  • Facebook measurement standards will be applied across all interfaces (mobile and desktop) and ad types, allowing for easy cross-media measurement and comparison.
  • –  Using viewed impressions as the standard makes it easier for Facebook‘s ad delivery system to ensure that advertisers pay a fair price for the real business value their ads create. Only viewed ads will be charged.

While this new standard has not been fully applicable, Facebook is working closely with advertisers and Media Rating Council  (MRC) to bring it a step closer to production.

This new feature come just days after another announcement from the social network, about its ‘Ads Relevance’ tool, which help advertisers understand how effective their ad units are. Apparently, the social network wants to make every penny spent worth for advertisers. Does this mean higher costs? Probably. Is it worth it? Definitely.

You can find more details here.

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