Facebook Is Building The Daddy Of All Ad Networks

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The “ad war” between the major social media platforms and Google is in full swing! Things are getting more and more competitive every day, and Facebook‘s bid for full domination of the market is coming to fruition. It is becoming a lot clearer now, that Facebook has been scheming a lot more than what we had anticipated – to create the most powerful way to display ads across the internet.

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Facebook has a lot of data about its users, and as the biggest network out there with over 1.3 billion users this data is extremely important. Users are logged in on desktop and mobile in most cases, and this adds to Facebook‘s well-rounded understanding of each user. This allows Facebook to be able to target ads a lot more accurately across devices. In fact, it boasts a 90% accuracy in terms of gender-targeting, as opposed to the online ad industry’s 50%.

Facebook has created Custom Audiences – it allows businesses to upload data about their customers’ purchases and information about the customers themselves… this allows Facebook to target much more effectively and to prove which impressions actually lead to conversions! And this, without any clicks!


Collecting offline purchase data is also important. Facebook does this with data from loyalty cards. The idea behind this is to give businesses a better idea of their ROI – thus to spend more on advertising.

When Facebook bought Atlas in February of 2013 and started to make us of it, it wasn’t that clear what the company was up to. But guess what… Facebook is bent on finding a way to bring its ad network across the web, not only on Facebook itself. Atlas is said to be an important competitor to Google Adwords. Similarly, Facebook bought video ad platform Liverail in July, to work on video ads.

In the meantime Facebook has also created Audience Network, a network for mobile ads that allows advertisers to target Facebook ad campaigns to mobile apps. The one extends to the other, and like the pieces of a beautiful puzzle, all are coming together to “create a monster”.

The battle has not been won yet because Google, YouTube, Yahoo, and Twitter are all in the way but it looks like Facebook‘s appetite for domination is insatiable at least for now. What will transpire in the next few months to a year is anyone’s guess but we will soon find out.

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