Facebook Introduces Nicknames And More On Messenger

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Facebook has worked a lot into making Messenger a business friendly app lately, adding feature after feature and transforming it into a true CRM powerhouse. But today, Facebook is introducing a bunch of new exciting elements that are 100% user-focused.

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In what might the best user-friendly update for Messenger, Facebook has introduced a few very cool new customisable elements to your conversations. 


Who does not have one? There are at the centre of every friendly relationship. Yes, I am talking about nicknames.

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Starting today, you can now choose a nickname for the friends you are chatting with on Facebook Messenger. Once set, it will also appear within the chat window on Facebook.com and on Messenger.com.


Have you even been bored of the blue chat bubbles? I know I have. And guess what, now you can change that! With the latest update of the Messenger app you get to choose between 15 different colours!

The incoming messages will remain grey but everything you send out can now be much brighter and original than the boring Facebook blue.


Customisable Like Emoji

Who has had enough of the thumb? Most of us I think. We use it only because it is handy. It is there, in the corner, ready for you to tap on it. But most times, we wish we would actually use something else, maybe a <3 or a smiley?

Guess what? Now you can choose which is the default Emoji. You can choose between 27 pre-set Emoji and, of course, you can customise this as many times as you want.

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All these settings are accessible by clicking on your friend’s name within an existing conversation thread, the same way you would do to set notifications, view shared photos or their profile.

So after all, it took Facebook one single update to make its app so much better. No new major features, no new tech, just a few elements you can now customise and make the app a much friendlier environment for those all-day conversations you have with your friends.

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The update is already available for everyone, on both iOS and Android.

Well done Facebook, and thank you.

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