Facebook Redesigns Its News Feed To Improve Readability

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Facebook is host to various kinds of stories: images, videos, links, or simple status updates, and all have a unique set of uses and communication principles and so they don’t necessarily call for the same treatment.

With that in mind, Facebook has announced a series of changes to the look and feel of News Feed. All changes are geared towards mobile environments, as the screen sizes and resolutions pose a natural barrier to usability and readability.

Firstly, Facebook is debuting a new commenting style, which will clearly show where a conversation starts and ends below a specific post. Overall though, the platform will now improve readability in four key ways:

The new mobile News Feed will start featuring higher contrast colour schemes, so that typography is more legible. Larger link previews will appear along with larger icons for Likes, Shares, and Comments, so that they’re easier to read and tap. Facebook will also use circular profile pictures, so that users can follow who’s posting and commenting.


Along with readability updates, Facebook will also update the way people navigate its mobile app – in order to make it more intuitive and clear. From now on, users will be able to see where a link will take them, before clicking it, as well as see which posts they’re commenting on or interacting with.

Finally, after an action has been performed, Facebook will present users with a big ‘Back’ button, so that they can return to News Feed without any fuss.

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