Facebook Has Built An App For Super-Private Sharing

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After taking users through a privacy checkup to help them control how they share, it seems like Facebook is preparing yet another step to private sharing.

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Reports from Mashable and Techcrunch show how Facebook is working on an app for super-private sharing.

Codenamed “Moments” the app will give users a grid-style interface from which they will be able to share private moments with friends and family.

The reason behind such an app is clear: give Facebook users an environment where they can share intimate content with their close contacts without having to worry about the increasingly complicated privacy settings on Facebook itself.

Some sources compared “Moments” to the mobile app Cluster, which lets people create safe “spaces” for sharing content with small groups of people like family, friends or co-workers.


Nobody knows at this stage whether “Moments” will ever be released, as many past internal Facebook experiments never became public-facing products.

However, should the app be released one day, it would indicate how Facebook is continuing to work on a standalone product strategy aiming to win back the trust of some of its users who grew wary of Facebook‘s ever changing privacy settings.

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