Facebook Group Admins Come Together For Global Summit

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Facebook really wants to bring people and communities together and is organising a real life get-together for a few hundred admins that manage groups on the platform.

The Facebook Communities Summit, is planned to take place in Chicago from June 22 to 23 – it’s going to be free to attend – and Facebook will cover accommodation and food throughout the course of the event.

According to the programme, Facebook group admins will also have the chance to participate in workshops and give the Facebook team real-time feedback on what will make groups better for them. Needless to say, that meeting with their international counterparts is also a sweet reason to attend.

It’s also worth noting that Facebook execs are also looking forward to the summit, as they will have the opportunity to pitch new products straight to the users who sit at the heart of Facebook’s platform, and hear some honest and open feedback on what would work and what wouldn’t.

All those planning on attending the event should know that all applications will be evaluated, in order for Facebook to secure diversity among admins based in the United States. Group membership size is not a consideration.

You can apply to attend here.

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