Facebook Announces Gaming Platform To Compete With Steam

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Back in May we reported that Facebook was building its own gaming platform; “Facebook Games Arcade”. It seems the company has given up on the name, but not on the project. Officially announced in a recent blog post, the new Facebook gaming platform is a downloadable PC app; a collaboration with gaming engine Unity.

The new Facebook gaming platform is Facebook’s first foray into gaming territory, and also a possible competitor to Valve’s Steam – currently the top platform on the market. The company is collaborating with game engine Unity to create the new platform which is set to change the way that Facebook approaches gaming, and how gamers approach Facebook.

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The announcement is also coupled by an invitation for game developers to apply for access to a limited alpha release of Unity 5.4 to be able to create games for Facebook.com and the desktop app. Elliot Solomon, Unity’s VP of Business Development explained part of the thought behind the collaboration,

Integrating tools that provide effortless access to Facebook’s network is a key part of helping developers find the success they deserve

This is not the first collaboration between Unity and Facebook. Game development for Oculus VR is another. The new gaming platform is handy for Unity developers. They can now bring their games to Facebook a lot more easily, without having to use with Facebook’s SDK.

Facebook has missed out since gaming moved to mobile. It is now looking to get “back in the game”, as well as take on areas in which it can see itself dominating in the next few years. Facebook’s gaming platform will more than likely feature the usual fare of Facebook games, but I can’t see it wouldn’t extend  this to more “hardcore” games in the future.

It’s highly likely that Facebook will dominate the VR space soon, so why not gaming as well? One as an extension of the other.

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