Facebook Finally Has Its Snapchat Killer: Instagram Stories

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Remember when Facebook wanted to buy Snapchat, and Snapchat said no? We all thought: “erm… this is not a good move Evan… Facebook will just go and build its own Snapchat!”

A few years passed and Facebook tried. It did not work. Some projects never even saw the light of day (read: Why You Will Never Get Access To Facebook Quick Updates). It seemed that the social network was never going to nail it: wrong platform, wrong audience, etc… So Facebook turned to Instagram. And this time, it really looks like Snapchat could be in trouble!

Introducing Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a new feature rolling out to all Instagrammers worldwide. It’s basically a way to build your story – much like you do on Snapchat – throughout the day without having to overshare on your profile. You can add multiple photos and videos to your story, and they will appear as one slideshow in the end.

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Instagram Stories come with a set of editing tools that allow you to add text or draw on your images or videos. And of course Instagram Stories are ephemeral: all the photos and videos in a Story will disappear after 24 hours and nothing will appear on your profile grid. Does this remind you of another app?


Stories will appear in a bar at the top of the Instagram feed, and can be seen by the people who already follow you. In fact your Stories follow the same privacy settings you already have in place on your account: if you set it to private, only the people you follow see them. Otherwise, anyone can find them, if they know how to find you on Instagram.

Unlike Snapchat, Instagram Stories are easy to navigate, back and forth, with a simple tap. However, users cannot like or publicly comment on your Stories (like Snapchat) – they can only do so via private chat. And that is something I don’t like… I’ve written about this in The 3 Things That Are Really Missing On Snapchat.

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So you get it: Instagram Stories is the new Snapchat. Facebook finally did it. Now the question is… “how much this will hurt – or not hurt –  Snapchat?” My opinion is that it will, but will probably affect the older generation of users who have only recently started using Snapchat, and will feel much more comfortable sharing their stories on a platform they already know better.

What do you think?

Oh and if you think that Snapchat is better because it has filters and face recognition, then remember, Facebook also owns MSQRD… (read: Facebook Buys MSQRD, The Face Swap App)

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