Facebook Extends Its “Save” Button To The Whole Web

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If you’re like me (and another few million busy Internet users) you probably don’t have enough time to go through all the interesting content that pops up in front of your eyes when you’re online.

A while back, Facebook introduced the “Save For Later” button which lets you save links that you come across on your News Feed, so you can follow them later. Well, this feature has now been pumped up: you can now “Save to Facebook” from pretty much anywhere on the web.

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The new “Save to Facebook” button is the perfect evolution of a feature that has worked very well on Facebook itself. Except now, it will follow you around the web. So, if you come across something interesting that has not yet been shared on Facebook, you will still be able to send it there.


“Save to Facebook” is a really clever add-on to the Facebook experience: no matter where you are on the web, it will bring you back onto Facebook. And when you think about how good Facebook is at monetising the time you spend on its platform, you understand how important this is to the company.

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“Save to Facebook” has launched on Product Hunt and Overstock, and it is already available for developers to use on any existing website.

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