Facebook Expands Its People-Based Measurement Partnerships

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To help advertisers get the best data from their campaigns, Facebook has announced a few new products and integrations with its people-based measurement partners.

Measurement is an integral part of understanding campaigns and their effectiveness. The common denominator across measurement across devices, platforms and channels is people. Real people. This is why people-based measurement is so important. Facebook explains just how much.

When real people aren’t at the centre of your digital measurement campaigns, up to 66% of digital conversion events can go unrecognised. People-based measurement tells a better story about how your adverts are really performing.

Facebook created a network of trusted partners in people-based measurement, so that advertisers can feel more comfortable by getting data from an “independent and verified third-party measurement” partner. Now, this network is being expanded, allowing better data, and an increasing number of trusted partners.

Nielsen Catalina Solutions Integration

Nielsen Catalina Solutions will now offer Consumer Package Goods (CPG). It’s a new sales lift measurement platform with the ability to understand the impact of Facebook and Instagram on offline purchases.

Lift API integration with Oracle Data Cloud

Lift testing is “an emerging measurement standard in digital marketing.” It’s all about looking at how,

likely people are to buy a product if they haven’t seen an advert and how likely people are to buy a product if they have seen an advert

Lift testing can’t be done effectively if measurement is not people-based. So, Facebook created the Lift API to make this accessible to partners and advertisers. Now, Oracle Data Cloud has integrated with the API through Datalogix.

Marketing Mix Modelling Integration

Many of the world’s biggest brands use marketing mix modelling as their preferred measurement system. Facebook explains that it,

allows brands to bring together large amounts of historical information from many different publishers and channels to make better marketing decisions about which adverts – TV, digital and print

With the new integrations with Nielsen, Neustar MarketShare, Analytics Partners and Marketing Evolution, it’s becoming easier for advertisers to use campaign information from across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network with their marketing mix modeling.

New Multi-Touch Attribution Partnerships With Visual IQ And Neustar MarketShare

One of the difficulties marketers often face, is not knowing which ad to attribute a sale. Many would choose to attribute the last one that was clicked. But we all know that last-click attribution “can unfairly discount other adverts that may deserve credit”.

Integration between Atlas and Visual IQ and Neustar MarketShare gives advertisers fair multi-touch attribution, at more places across impressions and clicks. Visual IQ and Neustar MarketShare are the “first multi-touch attribution providers to integrate with Atlas”.

View-Through Measurement

Last-click attribution is also a difficulty for mobile app advertisers, who are trying to move away from it. Up until now, mobile app advertisers could only “give credit to to app install adverts that were the last click before a download. Having studied ad lift, Facebook found that advertisers could not attribute credit to “14% of of app downloads.”

Now, advertisers will be able to give credit to ads that people have seen but have not clicked on – if those people actually downloaded the app. Facebook has partnered up with Adways Inc., AppsFlyer, Apsalar, CyberZ, Kochava and Localytics.

All the above promises to provide the insights that give advertisers the confidence that the impact of their ads is what is reported. Advertisers who are interested in working with Facebook’s Measurement Partners should contact their account representative.

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