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Facebook Employees Can Access Your Profile Without Credentials

by • March 2, 2015 • FacebookComments Off on Facebook Employees Can Access Your Profile Without Credentials5565

A few days ago VentureBeat shared a really interesting story. Apparently, certain Facebook employees have unrestricted access to your account, without using a username/password combination.

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It all started with Anjunabeats records director, Paavo Siljamäki, who contacted Facebook regarding an undisclosed problem with his profile. An engineer contacted him back and, after getting Siljamäki’s permission, he logged into his account without entering any sort of credentials.

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Facebook responded to the enquiries regarding the aforementioned incident and it confirmed that certain of its employers do have access to accounts without using a username/password combination. There’s no need to worry though. This customer service tool is heavily monitored, in order to make sure that no one abuses it.

This tool can be used only under specific circumstances and only if the user asking for help has explicitly given permission for a Facebook engineer to access his or her profile. It’s also implied that users who have clearance to use this tool are also informed about the responsibilities and liabilities that go together with  the access.

So now you know; In some cases, your profile is not really YOUR property.

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