Facebook Contests: Are You Breaking The Rules?

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Contests have always been a big thing on Facebook. Whether they are taking part of a genuine marketing campaign or simply trying to attract many news fans, Facebook contests are a tool widely used by social media marketers.

Over the last years, Facebook understood how important these were for marketers and they have gradually opened up the rules, allowing brands to conduct contests right on their timelines instead of having to build a Facebook app for it.

However, as much as this really made it easier for brands to gain engagement, many contests still break the rules. And this is not harmless, as Facebook has the right to take your contest down without any warnings. Sometimes, it’s even your whole page which will be in jeopardy.

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The following infographic, presented by Shortstack, will give you a detailed idea on what pages and brands can and cannot do when looking to run a contest on Facebook.

Key Points To Remember:

  • – Facebook contests can never take place on a personal profile
  • Asking for a user to share one of your update to enter the contest is not permitted
  • – You cannot ask a user to like another page to enter your contest
  • – You must have a live link with Terms and Conditions, for all contests (Timeline and Apps)
  • – You are allowed to mention the name of the winner on a status update, comment or on another website


Reading thoroughly through this infographic, it shows that many of the contests we encounter everyday on Facebook are actually breaking the rules. The next time you organise a contest on Facebook, make sure you do respect the rules. Otherwise your contest, even your page, could be taken down without warnings.

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