Facebook Has Built A “Light” Web Version Of Moments For Everyone

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Facebook wants people to use the Moments App more, and the way to do that is to get people to upload more of their photos. Yup!  Facebook seems to have big plans for it. Apart from giving Moments some great new features, the company has built a lighter web version for desktop users. 

Moments was meant to be a place where friends and family could easily share photos between themselves, without needing to upload them on Facebook. It can get difficult for many people to navigate Facebook‘s privacy settings but that’s not really the idea. Facebook wanted a place where people could upload and share images between a mixed group of people – not necessarily Facebook friends. But Moments hasn’t really got as many users as it wanted initially.

TechCrunch’s Sarah Perez who reported on the story, explained that Facebook “had already rolled out limited web support for Moments earlier this fall, when it introduced a way to send a Moments link to a friend.” When users clicked on that link, they were taken to a shared private album to also upload their photos. This was particularly good for events like weddings other occasions where many people had photos of the same event, and could share them with others who are not friends with them on Facebook.

Now, Facebook is bringing Moments even to those who don’t necessarily use their smartphones all the time. The link to Moments’ web version can be found on the menu on the left hand side of the News Feed, under “Explore.” This version doesn’t offer most of the functions of the mobile app – you can pretty much just view the shared albums. If you want to upload your own, or interact with the shared images, you will need to download the Moments app.

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