Facebook Audience Network Opens Native Partner Program For Mediation Platforms

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Facebook’s Audience Network has been incredibly successful so far, and this has party been due to the great success of native ad formats themselves. The Audience Network is also a lucrative business venture for Facebook. So much so, that the company is really working hard to develop it and grow it further. Here comes the Audience Network Native Partner Program for third-party mediation platforms.

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Currently, mobile app publishers are getting great results with native ads, with over 83% of all impressions coming in native formats. Also, they are performing up to seven times better than standard banner formats. This has encouraged Facebook to really delve into developing Audience Network’s native ads offerings for publishers, and partnering up with mediation platforms.

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The first members of the Native Partner Program are Fyber, MoPub and Opera Mediaworks and some others that have been “vetted, tested, and approved for integration with the Audience Network”. As Facebook Audience Network head of partnerships Nik Ajagu explained in a blog post

Many publishers that are monetizing with native ads have existing relationships with mediation platforms to manage and optimize their ads business. Since the Audience Network supports a variety of unique native display and video formats–like carousel ads that showcase up to five images from an advertiser within a single placement–finding a compatible mediation partner is crucial to a publisher’s success.

There are some pre-set requirements for members of the Native Partner Program, ensuring the success better results for advertisers and access to all formats. Find the requirements below.

  • – Support for all Audience Network mobile native ads API format
  • – Provide a simple and easy-to-use on-boarding flow and ad creation interface
  • – Sufficient documentation for publishers to optimally leverage Audience Network supply via partner platform
  • – Provide publishers with the ability to test and optimize Audience Network in their bid waterfall
  • – Provide local language support

Platforms that would like to join, can apply here.

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