Facebook Atlas Universal Tag Adds In-App Event Measurement

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Great news for those who use Facebook‘s Atlas ad platform. The company announced that in-app events like installs, engagements and purchases can be measured by using the universal tag.

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According to Atlas’ Marketing Manager, Nicole Maraschki, the platform uses something called “people-based measurement” to

[…]Αttribute these in-app events across channels–media served on desktop, mobile web or other mobile apps

What’s really interesting here is that is can also give advertisers “the ability to retarget audiences”. Advertisers use the universal tag to “attribute actions” to their campaigns – i.e. website actions, clicks on specific links, and specific page loads.

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Ms. Maraschki went on to explain that the

Εnhanced functionality gives you the ability to understand how audiences are interacting with your app like never before. For example, you can now see how many people downloaded your app after seeing video ads on a desktop publisher or mobile app install ads on Facebook. This lets you optimize buys across channels and then, using Atlas retargeting, engage with the people who installed your app to drive further interaction.

Are you an advertiser on Atlas? Care to comment on this development?

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