Facebook Announces New Partners for Advert Viewability Verification

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Advertisers on any advertising channel always want to know that their adverts are being seen, and how much they are being seen. They also want to know that their metrics are accurate. To address this issue, Facebook launched an ad buying option with 100% in-view impressions. It also launched a partnership with several partners for advert view ability verification. Now, the company is expanding to new partners.

Back in September it was just a partnership with ad analytics company, Moat. The company then began independently measuring Facebook video ads. Now, Facebook is announcing additions to the list of advert verification partners.

It is these advert verification partners “who give marketers the data transparency that they want”. This follows Facebook’s belief in “measuring ad delivery with viewed impressions, rather than served impressions”. Back then, the explanation had been that

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value is created for an advertiser as soon as an ad is in view, we also believe in offering advertisers control and flexibility over how they run their ads.

That’s why Facebook gave advertisers 100% in-view buying at the time

100% in-view impression buying gives advertisers the option to purchase ad impressions where the entire ad—from top to bottom—has passed through a person’s screen in News Feed.

The companies joining Moat are, Nielsen, comScore and Integral Ad Science, who “will start to verify advert viewability and attention metrics for photo and video adverts on Facebook”.

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Facebook hopes that this will offer advertisers the transparency they are expecting from their ad data and to drive value from their ads.

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