Facebook Ads Now Offer Split Testing To Optimise Your Campaigns

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Testing and optimising ads to make sure they reach the right people for the right cost is not the easiest thing in the world. It’s time-consuming, and can get quite complicated. This is why Facebook introduced Split Testing for ads. 

Testing and optimisation of ads on any platform doesn’t always “lead to accurate, actionable results.” Split Testing will change all that, allowing you to “simply and accurately test different components of your ad across devices and browsers.” It also “provides easy-to-understand results,” which is great thing nowadays. Split Testing is now available globally in Facebook‘s Ads Manager and its API.

In a recent blog post, Facebook explains that there are already ways to test ads. For example,

Brand Lift works across Facebook and Instagram to accurately measure brand awareness, impact and ad recall. Conversion Lift allows you to accurately determine the additional business driven by Facebook ads and make future marketing decisions based on this information.

Split Testing, which will only work for website conversions, lead generation or mobile app install objectives, will allow advertisers to “run controlled tests” without their audiences overlapping.

It allows them to bring out the potential in their ads by making the most out of their budget, “randomizing the audience based on people, not cookies.” Also, to get the most accurate results Facebook says it divides “the potential reach within the test among the ad sets.”

When there’s enough data, Facebook will let the advertiser know which ad version is performing the best, and one can then decide whether to get a complete analysis at the end of the campaign, or use this information to further optimise a campaign while it runs.

Similarly, the information can be applied when restarting the same campaign.

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