Facebook Adds Yet Another Snapchat Feature To Messenger

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It seems like the acquisition of WhatsApp has started to bloom for Facebook. Ever since SnapChat said “Thanks, but no thanks”  to Facebook‘s courtship, the mega-social network has been doing everything in its power to establish its standalone app as a leader in the instant messaging industry.

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Just days after the accidental roll-out of Slingback (and its subsequent removal from the App Store), Facebook is trying to push users to trust Facebook Messenger more, by constantly adding either big or smaller new features.

The latest update in the Messenger app includes two changes – a minor UX one and a functionality one. More specifically, you can now “Like” with a super sized thumb, simply by holding down the like button a little bit longer.  The more you press down the like button, the bigger the thumb gets, because there’s a difference between “ok” and “alright, alright, alright!”, apparently!


Apart from that, Facebook decided to add a somewhat more important update. With the newest development, users can now send asynchronous video clips via Messenger app. This is performed again by pressing down the send button for longer time. The move proves that the social network tries to include multiple functionalities to its platform and attract users to it. It also means that Facebook‘s software developers are doing their best to keep up with SnapChat‘s features, although the latter offers synchronous video-chat.


What do you think of Facebook Messenger’s newest functionality additions? Do you use it for your everyday conversations?

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