Facebook Adds In-Article And In-Stream Video Ads To Its Audience Network

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It’s become abundantly clear that Facebook is putting a lot of emphasis on its Audience Network this year. Just a few months after the company added mobile web support for its Audience Network and opened a partner program for mediation platforms, it has made in-stream and in-article video ads available there as well.

Both in-stream and in-article video ad formats are now available on Facebook’s Audience Network. This was announced in a recent Facebook for Business post, adding that these ads will run as pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll¬†on mobile and desktop sites and third-party application on the Audience Network.

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The in-article video ads will autoplay but users can decide to opt in for sound. Instant articles will be the first places for these ads to run within articles and will show up between paragraphs.

The new options aren’t immediately available but will be within the next few weeks. All advertisers need to do is check the “Audience Network” option when editing their ads.

Using videos on the Audience network is great for advertisers as they “drive brand outcomes”. People won’t only watch these videos on Facebook or Instagram but on “the other apps and sites where they spend their time”.

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In the post announcing the expansion of video ads to the Audience Network, Facebook explained that,

The Audience Network has historically focused on direct-response ads, both image and video, but now, it offers a solution that optimizes results for marketers focused on brand awareness and recall.

With more places to deliver content, we can better maximize value for advertisers that want more brand exposure through video.

The use of the Audience Network is great for advertisers who want to maximise reach. According to recent stats released by Facebook,

advertisers that opt in to the Audience Network can generate approximately 10 percent more incremental reach than using mobile News Feed alone. Plus, we increase our ability to show the most relevant ads to each viewer. If your targeted audience spends more time in a particular app than on Facebook or Instagram, your video will be shown in that app more often.

Advertisers get cheaper CPVs by choosing all three placements – Facebook, Instagram and the Audience Network.

Image source: Facebook For Business

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