Facebook Adds 3D Touch Support For Messenger on iOS

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In its latest version of Messenger on iOS, Facebook has introduced support for Apple’s 3D Touch, allowing iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus users to preview contacts, conversations, photos, videos and get a direct access to scanning Messenger codes.

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3D Touch had already been working with Facebook’s blue app (the main app) but this is the first time Facebook ads support for it on Messenger, and to me, it makes perfect sense.

First of all, a strong touch on the app icon will bring up a quick menu that will let you start a new conversation, or more importantly if you ask me, scan one of its now infamous Messenger Codes. I say “infamous” because as much as they look super slick, it was rather hard to start a conversation with one of them until now (you literally had to open Messenger, click on “Me” then on your own Code and then onto “Scan Code” – like who does that?).  With 3D Touch support, it now only takes a long push and one tap, amazing!


The second advantage of 3D Touch support for Messenger is more of a common one for users: the ability to preview content: messages, photos, videos, etc… without having to actually open the messages (and hence without letting the sender know you have seen it…). To activate that, a long push on any message will bring up any message’s content in a pop up:


These updates may not be massive game changers, but I do see them as having a positive impact on the overall user experience, especially, again, with the ability to scan Messenger Codes right from the app icon. Now, suddenly, Messenger Codes are making sense.

What do you think?

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