EyeEm Wants To Be The Instagram That Pays You

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There is something awesome about Instagram. It is a great community where you get to discover amazing photos from your friends or people you don’t know.  Like everyone, I like to play around with filters and image settings to give my shots the best look possible, hoping to gather as many likes as possible.

Well, EyeEm has all that: the filters, the friends, the artists, etc… but EyeEm also has a marketplace, where you can actually get paid for your photos!

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EyeEm is a really cool alternative to Instagram. With 20 distinct filters to enhance your photos, and a worldwide community of photographers, EyeEm is even considered to be a more creative platform than Instagram.

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But these great features would probably not be enough to convince you to let Instagram behind and start using EyeEm. The “Market” though, might.

Connect With Brands Looking To Buy Your Photos

On EyeEm, the photos you share can be seen by brands and media outlets that may want to use them to feature them in magazines, digital media and advertising. The “market” gives you the chance to make money from your photos, by selling them to the brands and media through licensing.


Licensing is a very cool and easy way to get paid for your photos: brands can use them but you keep the ownership/copyright. Of course, EyeEm will not do the job for free: EyeEm will keep 50% of the revenues. But I guess this is the price to pay to get your photos in front of editors, art directors and brands, who have the potential to get your photos viewed by millions.

To learn more about how to sell your photos on EyeEm, visit this page.

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