Everyone Can Now Use Twitter Stickers

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Twitter has been testing Stickers for some time now, and announced their existence only just a month ago. And today, Stickers are available to everyone to use. Get ready to find the most creative ways to use them on the images you share on the platform.

Users looking to use the new feature can now browse emoji, accessories and other bits and pieces that can be added to images on the platform – just choose, add, rotate, resize, and confirm. The best bit, is how stickers are searchable though. Tapping on a sticker brings up all the different uses across the platform.

Despite all its recent moves to up its game and become part of our live sports experience, things haven’t been great for Twitter lately. Its growth has been stagnating for some time now and it seems to be releasing very few features that people actually want. Facebook and Snapchat – Twitter’s biggest competitors – have stickers, and Twitter just seems to be trying to catch up instead of really doing its own thing.

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Despite the fact that stickers aren’t a feature that people have been asking for, it may help make some money for Twitter. Whereas stickers today are free, it’s not inconceivable to see the company charge for sticker packs in the near future. Other platforms like Line have had some success with this business model up until now.

Of course not everyone was that pleased about the new feature… as comments under its announcement revealed, there are many other features that Twitter users are expecting from the company.

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