Eric Cantona’s Pledge To Become England’s Next Football Manager

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The last two weeks haven’t exactly been great fun for our English friends: after the country voted out of the EU, the English football team was knocked out of EURO 2016 by Iceland, a country with more volcanoes than professional football players.

So, TV channel Eurosport is creating social content where French football legend Eric Cantona shares his reactions to all the goings on, à la Cantona. And the result is brilliant: the latest video featuring the Comissioner of Football has been viewed 8.3 million times in just 4 days.

The 3-minute video is one in a series of clips that tick all the right boxes. It taps into Cantona’s fame, charisma and showmanship to create fun and engagement  generating positive associations for Eurosport whilst giving the controversial former striker a platform to express his views on the tournament. In the last few seconds of the video, Cantona invites viewers to back him up on social media with a dedicated hashtag – #CantoYes or #CantoNo.

Influencers, and content marketers, take some notes.

If you’re into football at all, make sure you give it a watch – and get ready for le heavy French accent:

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So, will you vote for ‘Eric the King’ to become ‘Eric the Boss’?

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